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The stolen letter

1. To learn something about the author, Edgar Allen Poe. 2. Practice reading skills.

3. Understand and enjoy the story. 4. To make character analysis. 5. Be able to make a summary of the plot. The stolen letter, based on

The Purloined Letter, is one of the representative detective stories written by Edgar Allen Poe, the poet, novelist and literary critic. The story develops by comparing the different way of thinking in finding the stolen letter, and ends with the back of it, which, to some extent, shows the wisdom of the detective. Character analysis, the useful way to enjoy this story, therefore, can enlighten students and teach them a good lesson which is beneficial in their future life. 1. To make sure Ss can understand how the detective found the letter 2. To encourage Ss work with others to understand the text. Objectives Text Analysis Teaching Focus Teaching Difficulties 1. To make Ss grasp the idea of the text. 2. To let Ss work with classmates to solve problems. 3. Enable Ss to talk about how to find the stolen letter. Teaching Aids Tape-recorder, multi-media Approaches An Interactive Approach (CAI)

(teacher-oriented, student-centered)

Step I Lead-in3’) Talk about experiences of students Q1: Are you interested in detective stories? Have you ever read a story whose character is like Sherlock Holmes ? Q2: Did you have something important stolen by others?

How did you find it back? Step II Pre-reading (3’) 1. Talk something about the author. 2. Predict the general idea of the passage by reading the title. Step III Reading(15’) 1.Fast-reading: TASK1: Read the passage quickly and match the characters in the story with the men in the picture. TASK2: Read the text quickly to summarize the main idea of each paragraph. Part 1 The background of the story. Classroom Activities

Part 2 How the detective found the stolen letter. 2. Careful-reading: Read the text part by part and answer the given questions to get the details of it. Part 1 Basic elements of a novel Where When Who What

Part 2 How the detective found the stolen letter Question 1: What was the idea that made Dupin find the right way?

2: Which place attracted Dupin’s attention? 3: Why did he wear dark glasses? 4: How did he get the letter? Step IV Summary(5’) Suppose you were a story teller, tell this story to your friend briefly. Step V Discussion(13’) Analyze the character traits of Mr. Germain, the Chief of the Paris Police, Dupin, the detective, and Danton, the minister. Step VI Assignment(1’) Write a review of the short story. The stolen letter Part 1 Basic elements of a novel Where:

When: Who:

What: Part 2 How the detective found the stolen letter Problem-----analysis-----solution-----result-----new solution---final result (a surprising ending) Character analysis: Mr. Germain, Dupin, and Danton Blackboard Design

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